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The challenge isn’t remembering the lyrics to the song, Despacito, for homophonic accuracy. The challenge is remembering all the Pokémon.


24/7 Nintendo Music

Dystifyzer is the curator of a live stream of Nintendo video game background music. This eternal playlist has been the soundtrack to my working hours since discovery, which has subsequently convinced me to take up my true calling as a demon-turtle fighting plumber. Only a true love for Nintendo, and zero consideration for one’s electric bill could make this happen. And I, for one, salute him.

Super Mario Odyssey Musical

Ignore the sultry awesomeness of the song. Look pass the not too shabby CGI. Disregard the great dance moves on display but every single backup dancer on screen. At 1:16 you see a dog catch the hat in it’s mouth. This video game deserves everyone’s money for that reason alone.

Huge Group Of Girls

We all know an Ashley. And if you don’t know an Ashley, you are the Ashley.

Drop the Mic w/ James Corden

It’s about time that I dropped this…get it?

I’m disappointed too.