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It Just Works (The Todd Howard Song)

Fresh off the E3 2019 news trail, comes a parody song from the wonderful ‘The Chalkeaters’. It combines the not-fit-for-purpose product design of Betheda’s latest gaming efforts, andthe under-appreciated artform of the Chicago-style big band musical number. Even if you don’t have any personal investment in Fallout 76, you can’t help but sing along.

The Perfect PokéRap

Brian David Gilbert has solidified his status as a Pokémon Master with this presentation at PAX East 2019. The man takes his audience on an entertaining, emotional and (above all) educational quest, culminating in a PokéRap featuring all current 812 Pokémon. And, while his effort and genius deserves all your time and attention, if you’d like to get straight to the top, Polygon has uploaded the song only which can be found here.

Up Up Down Down – Mega Ran (feat. DnD Sluggers) (w/ Dj CUTMAN)

Bombastic. Great visuals. With a great message behind the words. And when you’ve finished watching old Captain Planet episodes on youtube, check out this awesome song!

‘It Girl’ – Pharrell Williams

During the gust of wind that was Pharrell’s 2014 album ‘G I R L’, Mr Williams snuck out this music video which might make some anime fans out there very happy. Hmmmmm. Marilyn Monroe.