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Jaden Smith Reads Mind-Blowing Facts About the Universe

Behold unbelievable truths about the stars in the sky, the making of our being, and how Jaden thinks that haircut looks good.

Every X-MEN Movie explained…in 2 Minutes…through rap!

Lines harder than an Adamantium skeleton. More helpful than Jean Grey as a deus ex machina.

The Art of Compositing

If you watch this and think it took just as long to make as it did to watch, your expectations are less real than that sentry robot.

Why we use numbers

Watch this video to finally understand how something called “Positional Notation”, screwed up your grade point average.

How not to be boring

Disclaimer: There are no ‘instructions’ per say to follow in this video. Though the title may make it sound like an “idiot’s guide to being interesting”, it’s more a highly articulate look into the art of finding our unique perspective of the world and expressing it to each other. Plus the main guy looks like Ed Sheeran a bit right?