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What Games Are Like For A Non-Gamer

Gaming Youtuber, Razbuten, wanted to share his passion of video games with his loving wife. So how did he seek to do that? By rigorously putting her through a gauntlet of various games and recording the results like a lab rat in a scientific experiment, for our entertainment.

Is Reality Real? Are You In A Simulation?

Welcome to The Simulation Argument. Feel free to leave your sense of self at the door. Sit back, and allow yourself to have everything you were ever sure of, second guessed by the wonderful intellect of Kurzgesagt & Vsauce3.
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Optimistic Nihilism

From the right hemisphere of the “What Are You? You Are Two.” collaboration comes a video detailing their outlook on an individual’s goals within the context of the entirety of the universe. Heads up, it’s the most depressing and life-affirming message you will hear this week.

Jaden Smith Reads Mind-Blowing Facts About the Universe

Behold unbelievable truths about the stars in the sky, the making of our being, and how Jaden thinks that haircut looks good.

Every X-MEN Movie explained…in 2 Minutes…through rap!

Lines harder than an Adamantium skeleton. More helpful than Jean Grey as a deus ex machina.