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Zuruggu and Mimikkyu (Scraggy and Mimikyu)

The Pokémon Kids youtube unexpected released a short Pokémon cartoon is the style of a 30s Fleischer/Walt Disney animation. At this point, Pokémon have been through more animation styles than the number of times Ash wonders who his real father is.

The Perfect PokéRap

Brian David Gilbert has solidified his status as a Pokémon Master with this presentation at PAX East 2019. The man takes his audience on an entertaining, emotional and (above all) educational quest, culminating in a PokéRap featuring all current 812 Pokémon. And, while his effort and genius deserves all your time and attention, if you’d like to get straight to the top, Polygon has uploaded the song only which can be found here.

Original Stitch (Pokémon Dress Shirts)

Have you ever wanted to dress as smart as an Alakazam, but feel cooler than a Dewgong? Original Stitch may have the adorkable-come-metropolitan clothing range for you. As reported by IGN, they have a selection of formal dress shirts imbued with patterns inspired by the original Pokémon class of ’96. At time of writing they’re available exclusively from the Japanese site, with this introductory video to whet your appetite. There’s never been a geekier way to look sharper than a Scyther.

Disney Evolution [Ry-Spirit]

The Australian artist known simply as Ry-Spirit has imagined a world where various characters under the ever increasing Disney umbrella, undergo the evolution process of the Pokémon series. We at The Compulsive Squire can never pass up a good Disney mash-up, so check out all your favourite social medias to check out the full gallery of evolving Disney characters. It’s only a matter of time before we get a Eevee evolving into every Disney Princess situation.

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Animated Original Pokémon Art

Technology can breath new life into old art. Like making a Squirtle drawn in the mid-90s play with its tails. Or adding dog ears to the Mona Lisa via a Snapchat filter. If you’re up for seeing more Pokémon art with some added pep in their step, click the pic for the original tumblr, or here for the simplier imgur gallery.