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Jacq the Stripper

Meet the work of Jacqueline Frances, better known as Jacq The Stripper. As you may have guessed, Jacq has one of those day jobs that most likely takes place at night. Through this job, that she performs proudly, Jacq comes across several unique people, scenarios and opinions that she has transformed into multiple amusing comic strips for our blessed viewing pleasure. The main theme of the drawings are challenging the societal shame around stripping; attacking the male psychology around it, the contradictory overlaps between the patriarchal and feminist view of stripping, a few choice quotes and some honest-to-God functional life hacks for the craft. With a bit of sexy, and a lot of sassy, Jacq the Stripper takes targeted shots at the taboo of stripping and the assumed disposition of women (and men) that do it. And she’s making some great points, some funny pictures, and published literature for your purchasing pleasure while doing it.


Disney Evolution [Ry-Spirit]

The Australian artist known simply as Ry-Spirit has imagined a world where various characters under the ever increasing Disney umbrella, undergo the evolution process of the Pokémon series. We at The Compulsive Squire can never pass up a good Disney mash-up, so check out all your favourite social medias to check out the full gallery of evolving Disney characters. It’s only a matter of time before we get a Eevee evolving into every Disney Princess situation.

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Animated Original Pokémon Art

Technology can breath new life into old art. Like making a Squirtle drawn in the mid-90s play with its tails. Or adding dog ears to the Mona Lisa via a Snapchat filter. If you’re up for seeing more Pokémon art with some added pep in their step, click the pic for the original tumblr, or here for the simplier imgur gallery.

Cassandra Calin

Romanian Canadian artist, C. Cassandra, creates severely amusing comics poking fun around the hangups of everyday life. Sometimes around the struggles of being a woman, sometimes around the struggles of making a phone call. The main through-line being a deceptively sharp sense of humour, and an adorable drawing style. Click the pic (or here) to check out her comics as well as links to all her socials. And get this, she made a book!