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Harris Fagotto AKA Cosmopoliturtle, has taken several well-known and beloved pocket monsters, and re-imagined them in a creatively colourful art style, looking someway towards a modern day Aztec or Mayan hieroglyph. Brought to my attention by Dorkly, Cosmopoliturtle’s work can be found on DeviantArt, Tumblr or even Harris Fagotto’s own professional website. And if there’s any ironic justice, soon to be discovered on the recently unearth inner walls of an ancient stone temple in Indonesia.






Instagram photographer and “I’m not just playing with toys MOM!” protester, hot.kenobi, has created an impressive array of snapshots involving the action figures of superheroes and pop culture characters. If you didn’t think you needed to see a profoundly intense scene of the toy incarnations of Batman and Bruce Lee staring each other down, or the cast of the Avengers rip apart soft drink cans, I strongly beg to differ. Click the pictures above to go to a gallery of highlights, or hit this link to see it all on their instagram.

Drake Tsui AKA Quirkilicious

Drake Tsui. Or, more favourably known by his more after-school-cartoon-sounding moniker, Quirkilicious. An artist featured on The Compulsive Squire before, whose emboldened colours, sharp skill with facial features and overall striking art style, are still every bit as impressive as the face that he still regularly uses Tumblr. Click the pic and have a look.

Celeste Barber – #CelesteChallengeAccepted

Australian comedian, Celeste Barber, has been recreating pictures parodying the celebrity images of glamour, commercialism and sex appeal that we’re so frequently pelted with, but oft make no actual sense. As Ms Barber proves with amazing candidness and humor.

In short, she is life. And I don’t use that phrase lightly, in the same way the typical teen throws around words like “legend” and “#blessed” like bird seed. Celeste Barber, is life. And you should click the pics to see the hilarious art she’s made. Or for added convenience, click here for a gallery of her highlights.

Modern Disney Princesses

Chilean illustrator & concept artist, Fernanda Suarez, is a beautiful digital painter, with even more beautiful takes on the treasured Disney princesses of old. Everything from the tastefully crafted backdrops to the piercing looks in all their eyes, are expertly drawn. Even the artful shading in a “used-to-be-my-dads” denim jacket. Click the pic to see a gallery of her work so far, and hit up her Patreon here, where you can find links to all her other socials. Because you might as well check out one artist’s tumblr, rather than 9 princess’s.