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This Pixar short film really strings you along.

Brain Divided

You might be in two minds about watching this…

Mission Impawssible

Loïc Bourgeois just looked at Illumination Entertainment’s ‘The Secret Life of Pets‘, and asked it to hold their beer.

Majora’s Mask – Terrible Fate

The people at EmberLab made a loving, hand crafted short film tribute to one of the more twisted games in the Legend of Zelda series.

The teaser video was posted here before. Y’know. Back in time. Get it.

PAPERS, PLEASE – The Short Film

Kudos to Никита Ордынский for working in tiny details from this interesting indie game, into the treatment of this wonderful short film. And double kudos for the opportunity to slip that name into the description like it’s nothing. Glory to Arstotzka.