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Movie Posters Dog-ified

Click the picture to find a list of films featuring the world’s most profilic canine film star. Or at the very least, evidence that not all photoshop licenses are put to good use.

Jorge Marme

Storyboard artist, background artist and videogame nerd, Jorge Marme (also known by handle, @j.marme) felt so struck with creativity upon the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch, that he has set himself the personal task of drawing every one of its characters. And my my, each piece of art is cheerful, cute, colourful and more chocked full of charm than a cup of cuddly canaries. The colouring is strong, the poses are dramatic (and reminiscent of the character’s individual abilities), and the facial expressions could give the DreamWorks Face a run for its money. Click the pic, or here, to view a gallery of his Smash Bros illustrations.

Raf Grassetti

3D artist, Sony Art Director and man-capable-of-drawing-two-eyed-Sonic-without-the-internet-bursting-into-flames, Rafael Grassetti (otherwise known by his handle, @rafagrassetti) has reinterpreted a host of the playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch. Grounding them in more realistic terms, Raf skillfully pinpoints their animal-like, contextual or (more often than not) grotesque features, and pulls them out through 3D modelling and deft texture effects. Click the pic, or here, to scroll through his Smash Bros recreations (and others) on his instagram.

Snake on Google Maps

This is for those who feel like their lives are swallowed up by the time they spend in transport…and do tend to look for life metaphors in browser games.

Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

Hey, do you remember when the company that’s actively trying to pull humanity into the future grabbed onto a video game series from the 80s for no discernible reason? It was sometime between when they started blogging and quit social media. – Feel free to click the pic or here, to play Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego across Google Earth! Good luck gumshoe.