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The challenge isn’t remembering the lyrics to the song, Despacito, for homophonic accuracy. The challenge is remembering all the Pokémon.


One Jump Man

Coming to Nintenflix.

Celeste Barber – #CelesteChallengeAccepted

Australian comedian, Celeste Barber, has been recreating pictures parodying the celebrity images of glamour, commercialism and sex appeal that we’re so frequently pelted with, but oft make no actual sense. As Ms Barber proves with amazing candidness and humor.

In short, she is life. And I don’t use that phrase lightly, in the same way the typical teen throws around words like “legend” and “#blessed” like bird seed. Celeste Barber, is life. And you should click the pics to see the hilarious art she’s made. Or for added convenience, click here for a gallery of her highlights.

Pokémon Sun & Moon – Honest Game Trailer

There’s an irony in the sunniest entries in the Pokémon series having the most dour Honest Game Trailer. Because after 800ish trips to the proverbial Pokémon Name Rater, you might not want to turn the background music up too.

And we’ve got ALL the prior Honest gifts. Right. Here.

Shot and Missed

It was after watching this video that Harold and Susan realised where they may have been going wrong in their previous attempts to conceive.