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Game of Thrones Deaths PokeRap

D’you remember when they updated the PokéRap? By the old gods and the new, they’re back at it again.


If you ever wondered what’d be like if MissingNo. expanded into children’s card game, oh boy, you’re about to see something special.

Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like PARODY

This video breaks down and rebuilds the enigma of Bruno Mars’ multi-ethnicity fanbase, not to mention the relationship between a performer and his animator.

Logan Trailer Spoof

Who would have thought a film about a deranged alcoholic looking after a 70-something year old playing a 90-something year old and an antisocial little girl with less tolerance than negasonic teenage warhead, could be ridiculed so easily?

Star Wars: Detours

Imagine if the guys behind the Sonic Boom tv show were allowed free reign on any franchise they desired? Now imagine if they did what they did to Knuckles to say, Darth Vader. You got that image? Press play.