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Bruce Lee Has The Force

Graceful, like a deer. Fierce, like a bear. High-waisted trousers, like Adam Driver.


Super Mario Cat Bros

The mushroom kingdom as a whole is one vape cloud transition away from being an acid trip. Who’s to say this isn’t canon?

Superman vs Hulk

Mike Habjan released part 4 to his Superman vs Hulk fight video series. The seemingly eternal wait for a super powered battle between comic book titans may never live up to the expectation…but the less said about Justice League the better. Part 3 is also worth a look in.


The Battlegrounds Movie

The ultimate tale of teamwork, skill and resourcefulness. And really resisting the urge to start teabagging.
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Anime Fidget Spinners

Until the after school cartoon comes out, you’ll have to make do with this.