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The People’s Vote

Clearly following the events of Black Panther, Andy Serkis finds himself with a little more time on his hands.


Jacq the Stripper

Meet the work of Jacqueline Frances, better known as Jacq The Stripper. As you may have guessed, Jacq has one of those day jobs that most likely takes place at night. Through this job, that she performs proudly, Jacq comes across several unique people, scenarios and opinions that she has transformed into multiple amusing comic strips for our blessed viewing pleasure. The main theme of the drawings are challenging the societal shame around stripping; attacking the male psychology around it, the contradictory overlaps between the patriarchal and feminist view of stripping, a few choice quotes and some honest-to-God functional life hacks for the craft. With a bit of sexy, and a lot of sassy, Jacq the Stripper takes targeted shots at the taboo of stripping and the assumed disposition of women (and men) that do it. And she’s making some great points, some funny pictures, and published literature for your purchasing pleasure while doing it.

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Here’s to you reader.

January 1st 2012. A random 20-something you’ve never heard of, motivated by a personal annoyance with the design and navigation options offered by Tumblr, had the wondrously unique idea of creating a free WordPress account. Clearly unaware this act was, not only grossly cliche millennial behaviour, but also a public admission to a lack of New Year’s Eve plans whatsoever, he enthusiastically spurred forward and created a blog. You see, our well meaning protagonist figured himself fairly knowledgeable of the web. Resourceful almost. Perhaps, entertaining. He’d frequented many a I can has cheezburger, Taste of Awesome, LiveMeme and the like and felt he could almost be a curator of sorts. He could gather funny internet happenings in one place – heck, he’d been doing it on Facebook for years and they kept on moving the ‘links’ button. Why Mr Zuckerburg won’t let us find that short film from 2009 with all the logos is a mystery to everyone. So, relatively green in the world of blogging, the young man mustered all his energy, a few HTML codes and 4-5 former tumblr posts, and set forth to create constantly vibrant archive of humour and entertainment. And my, my, what an incredible 7 years it has been.

That was the birth of The Compulsive Squire. Over the years, I’ve used this as a place to assemble funny videos, fantastic art, and to post some original entertaining written pieces. I like to think several of you come back week after week to see the latest pick-me-up I’ve unearthed or search back to re-watch a video you can’t quite remember but remember you saw it here that one time. If the analytics are to be believed (and heaven knows I can’t read them so why not?) we’ve picked a fair number of fans along the way. Even more than the number of broken links (heck, I’ve counted three in this post already). I hope everyone still continues to enjoy The Compulsive Squire for as long as WordPress doesn’t mind me not paying them. But alas, as life goes on things must change.

I know, change is scary at first. But we’ll get through together, don’t worry.

Regular visitors may have noticed a slightly more haphazard posting pattern in recent months, not too dissimilar from a stubborn bottle of ketchup. A whole of nothing, and then everything comes at once. The explanation for this is simple. Life gets better, but also busier. Even more eagle-eyed readers may have noticed the original writing stopped altogether; the last article was in 2016. The reason for that; I’ve found and created other avenues to scratch my creative itch. The itch to put enough words on a page to make Webster’s Dictionary look like Steve Wonder’s diary. These things have resulted in this blog, something that I’ve (most likely) put months of my life into, being left out in the lurch.

Often times you may have visited back to see 6 weeks worth of content miraculously appear overnight, as if backdated specifically to mirror the semblance of a weekly schedule. Well, it’s time to announce The Compulsive Squire will be taking more of a free-form approach to updating itself with the quality videos, most inspired artists and wittiest articles the internet has to offer. This blog hasn’t keeled over yet, it’s just starting to enjoy its lounging years. Put that ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ form back in the draw.

Alls well that ends well.

I am however, actively moving forward with my gaming comedy show on YouTube. If you want to know Nintendo’s history of potential incest and copyright infringement to the tune of a dancing luigi, go and watch an episode of Start + Select. The Compulsive Squire will still be used as a central hub for the references, which can be seen under the appropriate tab above.

Furthermore, even though you’ve enjoyed my tweets on the right-hand side for many moons now, I’m also available on alternative social media – Instagram and Tumblr. I’ll be linking content back and forth between all my platforms (because I was told Tumblr deserves a fair shake and I’ve given them my details now so there’s no going back) so don’t feel bereft of your regular dose of internet funnies.

So there we have it. Thank you sincerely reader for staying through that introductory ‘referring to myself in the third person’ bit. It only remains for me to, once again, let you the following. Welcome to “The Compulsive Squire”, a blog by myself, Comire.

Sonic Mania Adventures (Holidays Special)

A seasonal festive follow up to the Sonic Mania Adventures series from earlier in the year. Sometimes, the gift of friendship can be the best gift of all. That, and a hyper powerful, metal death robot.

Disney Evolution [Ry-Spirit]

The Australian artist known simply as Ry-Spirit has imagined a world where various characters under the ever increasing Disney umbrella, undergo the evolution process of the Pokémon series. We at The Compulsive Squire can never pass up a good Disney mash-up, so check out all your favourite social medias to check out the full gallery of evolving Disney characters. It’s only a matter of time before we get a Eevee evolving into every Disney Princess situation.

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