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Zuruggu and Mimikkyu (Scraggy and Mimikyu)

The Pokémon Kids youtube unexpected released a short Pokémon cartoon is the style of a 30s Fleischer/Walt Disney animation. At this point, Pokémon have been through more animation styles than the number of times Ash wonders who his real father is.

Movie Posters Dog-ified

Click the picture to find a list of films featuring the world’s most profilic canine film star. Or at the very least, evidence that not all photoshop licenses are put to good use.

Super Mario World: The Final Stage

Matdeuh found a whole new level in a Mario Bros game and because of it, some guy needs a new car. That sentence makes both more and less sense when you watch the video. It can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Super Easy, Barely An Inconvenience

A pitch meeting like no other. Ryan George plays a movie creative AND film executive, really exploring his range of being ultra smiley on two different sides of the screen. Watch this series of extraordinarily funny breakdowns of the biggest films of past and present. They are tight.

Yoshi Stranding

From the ladies and gentleman behind the Bowsette Transformation video, comes an arguous tale of solitude, sacrifice and super mushrooms.