The Compulsive Squire

Where Outstanding Humour Meets Desperate Boredom

Yoshi Stranding

From the ladies and gentleman behind the Bowsette Transformation video, comes an arguous tale of solitude, sacrifice and super mushrooms.

What Games Are Like For A Non-Gamer

Gaming Youtuber, Razbuten, wanted to share his passion of video games with his loving wife. So how did he seek to do that? By rigorously putting her through a gauntlet of various games and recording the results like a lab rat in a scientific experiment, for our entertainment.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Poker Night

Coming to you from one half of the Console Wars is an awesome animated short showing you can take the man out of the children’s card game, but you can’t take the children’s card game out of the man.

It Just Works (The Todd Howard Song)

Fresh off the E3 2019 news trail, comes a parody song from the wonderful ‘The Chalkeaters’. It combines the not-fit-for-purpose product design of Betheda’s latest gaming efforts, andthe under-appreciated artform of the Chicago-style big band musical number. Even if you don’t have any personal investment in Fallout 76, you can’t help but sing along.

Jorge Marme

Storyboard artist, background artist and videogame nerd, Jorge Marme (also known by handle, @j.marme) felt so struck with creativity upon the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch, that he has set himself the personal task of drawing every one of its characters. And my my, each piece of art is cheerful, cute, colourful and more chocked full of charm than a cup of cuddly canaries. The colouring is strong, the poses are dramatic (and reminiscent of the character’s individual abilities), and the facial expressions could give the DreamWorks Face a run for its money. Click the pic, or here, to view a gallery of his Smash Bros illustrations.