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‘It Girl’ – Pharrell Williams

During the gust of wind that was Pharrell’s 2014 album ‘G I R L’, Mr Williams snuck out this music video which might make some anime fans out there very happy. Hmmmmm. Marilyn Monroe.


PAPERS, PLEASE – The Short Film

Kudos to Никита Ордынский for working in tiny details from this interesting indie game, into the treatment of this wonderful short film. And double kudos for the opportunity to slip that name into the description like it’s nothing. Glory to Arstotzka.


The challenge isn’t remembering the lyrics to the song, Despacito, for homophonic accuracy. The challenge is remembering all the Pokémon.


Bruce Lee Has The Force

Graceful, like a deer. Fierce, like a bear. High-waisted trousers, like Adam Driver.