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Check out the easiest times table chart on the internet

The rules are simple. Using the arrow keys, collide like numbers into each other to combine them. Try and reach the highest number possible. I just wish they told you what that was.


Circle Game

You grab up littler circles while avoiding the bigger circles.

It’s like High School Playground Politics: The Game.

Freaks & Geeks: The Game

Somehow even shorter than the original series’ run.

Skrillex Quest

Skrillex QuestWhen you’re done you’ll want to headbang with a Goron, playing a guitar of Missingno. while doing a line of cok-…cheat codes.

N3rd Boy

N3rd BoyIf Super Meat Boy didn’t have a girlfriend but really enjoyed vertical heights and obscure Chrono Trigger references, you’d be playing this on Xbox Live Arcade right now.