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The Perfect PokéRap

Brian David Gilbert has solidified his status as a Pokémon Master with this presentation at PAX East 2019. The man takes his audience on an entertaining, emotional and (above all) educational quest, culminating in a PokéRap featuring all current 812 Pokémon. And, while his effort and genius deserves all your time and attention, if you’d like to get straight to the top, Polygon has uploaded the song only which can be found here.

Game of Thrones Deaths PokeRap

D’you remember when they updated the PokéRap? By the old gods and the new, they’re back at it again.

Updated PokéRap

Get ready for rhymes so hot, they'll burn you to Ash.

Get ready for rhymes so hot, they’ll burn you to Ash.

Between the team that actually come up with the Pokémon names and the guys that ACTUALLY TOOK TIME OUT OF THEIR LIVES get them into barely rhyming order, I don’t know who’s the bigger game freak.