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How to get abilities in Splatoon

If you’re going to offer knockoff super mario powerups to a homeless man in an alleyway, you can’t be too surprised when the gift you get in return isn’t exactly what you expected.

Marvel X Hip-Hop

“-Comics and hip hop share a common narrative: they’re all about the underdogs struggling, striving and persevering against overwhelming odds.” Not to mention they both know their way around a shootout.

Over the years, Marvel have re-imagined a helicarrier’s worth of classic hip-hop album covers with their iconic characters. Click the picture to see them. Although since I couldn’t find a single site that held every revised artwork and a side-by-side with the original album cover, I’m just going to link a few sites here and here and here. Enjoy.


Trevor in real virtual life is a damn side scarier than Trevor in real or virtual life.

Judge Morty

Did you see that shot storyboard of the Rick & Morty court case reenactment? It’s been animated.