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If Splatoon Had Commentary

If you can’t enjoy fictional seafood themed k-pop idols commentating while squid-morphing children kill each other with hydrological weaponry, when can you? Check out parts 1 & 2 as well!

Pokémon Onesies

Canadian artist Randy a.k.a ItsBirdy has drawn a series of pictures that make you go “aww” over their cuteness, then “aww” in depression when you realise it doesn’t exist in real life and may never exist. These are primary stage pokemon wearing onesies of their final evolutions – it’s one part adorable, one part inspirational and ninety-eight parts ‘why aren’t we funding this’. ItsBirdy’s art style is soft, yet playfully sharp, and that doesn’t just apply to his series of ultimate longjohns, you can see it across his entire DeviantArt and Instagram. And while you’re at it, you may as well check out his Youtube and Twitch channels where he occasionally does more drawing stuff. Maybe there’ll be more onesies? I mean, the series ended like 3 years ago so probably not but who knows!

Then we can all forget that this is essentially the pokemon equivalent of wearing a full body skin suit of your dad.

Kraken Surprise

Nothing like a good ole’ giant off screen murder squid that you’re powerless to defend against to start your day.

Kelvin Okafor

Welcome to the art of Kelvin Okafor. Among his work you’ll see stunning depictions of some faces you may recognise, and some you may not. These however aren’t photographs, they’ve been drawn with pencil. And a bit of charcoal. That’s right, while us normal mortals can barely complete a sudoku without reaching for an eraser, this talented British artist with a printer for a right hand has been exquisitely sketching the likes of Amy Winehouse, Tinie Tempah & Mother Theresa. As well as enjoying a bunch of media coverage during 2013. Click the picture to see Kelvin’s site and check his blog for the evolution of his masterpieces.

The Bourne Wipe

Just another reason why no-one should ever buy a smart car.


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