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PUBG vs Fortnite

The determination, artistry and skilled technical craftsmanship of film-making, all pooled together to create a brilliant short film parody of a video game, that is almost definitely not a fad that’ll be forgotten in 5 years time.


The Avengers: Infinity War (Deadpool remix)

The idea of this being a canonical reality, is the reason why Marvel’s film licences are more scattered than the infinity stones.

Friends 8-Bit

Since CG Action-adventure Spielberg blockbuster Ready Player One is coming to cinemas, the world has been treated to this charming pixel-ified reimaging of the opening sequence from the hit US TV sitcom, Friends!

I know. Hollywood marketing confuses me too.
Plus tweets?

How To Get Out Of The Friendzone

Wil Aime pulls off a slick, tightly edited, dual-performance which unequivocally dispels the friendzone. And grants you the permission to tell your friends you watch French film.





Instagram photographer and “I’m not just playing with toys MOM!” protester, hot.kenobi, has created an impressive array of snapshots involving the action figures of superheroes and pop culture characters. If you didn’t think you needed to see a profoundly intense scene of the toy incarnations of Batman and Bruce Lee staring each other down, or the cast of the Avengers rip apart soft drink cans, I strongly beg to differ. Click the pictures above to go to a gallery of highlights, or hit this link to see it all on their instagram.