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Breath of the Wild is the greatest game of all time

Now that you’ve been caught up, here’s a video on the Legend of Zelda’s latest outing. Some imagery viewers may find confusing but rest assured, everything said in this video is inscrutable.


15 Ways Super Mario Odyssey is the new Sonic 2K6

If you’ve been wondering where Nintendo get all their ideas from, look no further.

Fallout 4: Anniversary Edition

It’s been 2 years since the fourth Fallout hit the world. Not that it matters, since other video game worlds appear to be doing just fine.


The Splatoon Games: A Developer Interview

Ink bazookas. Aquatic metamorphsis. Territorial warfare. But still, sometimes you’ve got to make your own fun.


3 Intense Reactions

The UK had an election recently. I believe the emotions expressed in this video are an accurate metaphor for Britain current social climate. Or I found the most tenuous connection to validate posting this video. You choose.