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Shovel Souls

This ‘Shovel Knight X Dark Souls’ video actually has a bit of a backstory but I’ve linked it straight to the action. Y’know me, I sometimes tend to skip a cutscene.

Running For My Life!

This reminds me of ‘Go right‘ but with a lot more…risk of squishification…

Splatoon: A Beginner’s Guide

With the upcoming sequel, some people could do with a helpful tutorial for the video game that splatters the battlefield worse than any war film you’ve ever seen.

Every X-MEN Movie explained…in 2 Minutes…through rap!

Lines harder than an Adamantium skeleton. More helpful than Jean Grey as a deus ex machina.

Slam Poetry Popcorn

A harsh subversion of society’s consumeristic tendancies regardless of the futility abundant in the pressure furnace we call life leading to the inevitable heat death of the universe and all its contents.

…or just some funny lines about popcorn…