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15 Ways Super Mario Odyssey is the new Sonic 2K6

If you’ve been wondering where Nintendo get all their ideas from, look no further.


Fallout 4: Anniversary Edition

It’s been 2 years since the fourth Fallout hit the world. Not that it matters, since other video game worlds appear to be doing just fine.

The Splatoon Games: A Developer Interview

Ink bazookas. Aquatic metamorphsis. Territorial warfare. But still, sometimes you’ve got to make your own fun.

3 Intense Reactions

The UK had an election recently. I believe the emotions expressed in this video are an accurate metaphor for Britain current social climate. Or I found the most tenuous connection to validate posting this video. You choose.

Shovel Souls

This ‘Shovel Knight X Dark Souls’ video actually has a bit of a backstory but I’ve linked it straight to the action. Y’know me, I sometimes tend to skip a cutscene.