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Story Break Animated: Duke Nukem

This is how Avengers: Age of Ultron should have ended.


Rick & Morty Pixel Art Promos

I don’t know what’s more square; the metaphysical, philosophical arguments…or the pixels.

Mission Impawssible

Loïc Bourgeois just looked at Illumination Entertainment’s ‘The Secret Life of Pets‘, and asked it to hold their beer.

The Cursed Thirst

From the makers of PokéParody, comes a deep descent into the clandestine innermost depths…of a man with a cup for a head.

Friends 8-Bit

Since CG Action-adventure Spielberg blockbuster Ready Player One is coming to cinemas, the world has been treated to this charming pixel-ified reimaging of the opening sequence from the hit US TV sitcom, Friends!

I know. Hollywood marketing confuses me too.
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