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Sonic Mania Adventures (Holidays Special)

A seasonal festive follow up to the Sonic Mania Adventures series from earlier in the year. Sometimes, the gift of friendship can be the best gift of all. That, and a hyper powerful, metal death robot.


Super Mario: Castle Crashers

Fighting to save the Mushroom Kingdom. One 25-foot leaping superman punch at a time.

Together – A Zelda Animation

Visually serene. Assembled with care. And has a lot of heart. But that’s enough about my scientific anatomy model, here’s a Zelda animation.

Bowsette’s Transformation

A surreal interpretation based on the comic that launched a thousand pics.

Console Wars

Flashgitz and Mashed have parodied the ongoing console war in a way that no-one could possibly disagree its hilarity. But hey, they’d probably give it a go anyway.