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Yu-Gi-Oh! Poker Night

Coming to you from one half of the Console Wars is an awesome animated short showing you can take the man out of the children’s card game, but you can’t take the children’s card game out of the man.



This Pixar short film really strings you along.

Sonic Mania Adventures (Holidays Special)

A seasonal festive follow up to the Sonic Mania Adventures series from earlier in the year. Sometimes, the gift of friendship can be the best gift of all. That, and a hyper powerful, metal death robot.

Super Mario: Castle Crashers

Fighting to save the Mushroom Kingdom. One 25-foot leaping superman punch at a time.

Together – A Zelda Animation

Visually serene. Assembled with care. And has a lot of heart. But that’s enough about my scientific anatomy model, here’s a Zelda animation.