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My YouTube: Yungtown

On your knees mortals, you are now in the presence of the gaming rap god. Yungtown has rhymes harder than the bill on his snapback with video game references that would make you just lose it. He writes and performs a number of videogame centric raps, many of them available across youtube, bandcamp etc. talking about everything from The Legend of Zelda, to The Legend of Zelda HD. He’s got so much material if he released an album, the iTunes sales alone would soar higher than a mockingbird in a hurricane. You wonder why artists don’t bring together rap and gaming more often. Maybe because it’s pretty hard to find something that rhymes with ‘experience points’.

Yungtown also runs Super Smash Academy, an advice channel for Smash Bros for anyone not afraid to take on the competitive scene in a game where Mario punches Yoshi right in the eggs without a guilty conscience. And if you’re up for reviews of video games of a time gone by, look no further. Yungtown has taken on such fondly-remembered gems like Lego Star Wars II and Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup. It’s like if Macklemore made songs showing off his incredible collection of vintage clothes…oh wait.

At their core, Yungtown’s positive, down to earth persona comes across in all his videos; even if his artform is sooner associated with gang violence, hedonism and the devaluing of women. And not only has he combined the looks and lyrical intricacy of Logic with the voice and approachability of a drive thru employee, but we made you learn what perfect shielding is too. You could lose yourself in all that niche.

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