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Comic Book Film Characters – Old vs New

We all change and become different versions of ourselves throughout life, and comic book characters making the leap to film and TV are no different. Take a look at some of the interactions created by Dave Franciosa (@davefranciosaart), that might occur if some past and future selves ever came into contact.


Optimistic Nihilism

From the right hemisphere of the “What Are You? You Are Two.” collaboration comes a video detailing their outlook on an individual’s goals within the context of the entirety of the universe. Heads up, it’s the most depressing and life-affirming message you will hear this week.

Celebrities with younger versions of themselves

Celebrities are in the public eye on such a continual basis, you may never appreciate where they came from compared to where they end up. So take a moment to appreciate how time has ravaged their features by either clicking the picture or right here.

Millennials: We Suck and We’re Sorry

A message from Generation Y to Generation X. And I don’t mean Pokémon.

A Morning Stroll

KFC have needed tighter security for 100 years.