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Jacq the Stripper

Meet the work of Jacqueline Frances, better known as Jacq The Stripper. As you may have guessed, Jacq has one of those day jobs that most likely takes place at night. Through this job, that she performs proudly, Jacq comes across several unique people, scenarios and opinions that she has transformed into multiple amusing comic strips for our blessed viewing pleasure. The main theme of the drawings are challenging the societal shame around stripping; attacking the male psychology around it, the contradictory overlaps between the patriarchal and feminist view of stripping, a few choice quotes and some honest-to-God functional life hacks for the craft. With a bit of sexy, and a lot of sassy, Jacq the Stripper takes targeted shots at the taboo of stripping and the assumed disposition of women (and men) that do it. And she’s making some great points, some funny pictures, and published literature for your purchasing pleasure while doing it.

Red vs BLUE

I was looking forward to the after credits scene where Crash Bandicoot gets into a fight with his own jeans.

The Case of the Peppy Pink Sprinter

What an environment, cleaner than the silverware you’d bring out for the queen, feels like it’s saying to you.

Some time ago I was in the waiting room of a walk-in clinic. A large, bleach-sodden expanse, roomy enough to contain gates 1-3 of a small airport. It was a space so clinically white, you would immediately become guiltily self-conscious of the illnesses you were undoubtedly bringing onto the grounds. And I wasn’t even sick. I was accompanying a friend with a worrying eye inflammation. But that’s not what this quick tale is about. What is important is after a little while of shifting in my implied filth, it slowly dawned upon me that I’d been subjected to an aural pounding for a lengthy amount of time.
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20 Things I Should Have Known at 20

By Julien Smith, original posted on


1. The world is trying to keep you stupid. From bank fees to interest rates to miracle diets,people who are not educated are easier to get money from and easier to lead. Educate yourself as much as possible for wealth, independence, and happiness.

2. Do not have faith in institutions to educate you. By the time they build the curriculum, it’s likely that the system is outdated– sometimes utterly broken. You both learn and get respect from people worth getting it from by leading and doing, not by following.

3. Read as much as you can. Learn to speed read with high retention.Emerson Spartz taught me this while I was at a Summit Series event. If he reads 2-3 books a week, you can read one.

4. Connect with everyone, all the time. Be genuine about it. Learn to find something you like in each person, and then speak to that thing.

5. Don’t waste time being shy. Shyness is the belief that your emotions should be the arbitrators of your decision making process when the opposite is actually true.

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Every 7 Seconds

The urge to include any less than savoury images must have been bigger than a pair of Double Ds

The urge to include any less than savoury images must have been bigger than a pair of Double Ds

It’s like 24 only if Jack Bower were stroking a constant semi.