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My YouTube: Cyanide & Happiness


Early squires may remember my endorsement of a cohort of stateside comic artists, and their Irish forth ninja turtle. For around a year and a half now, those brave men and women of the C&H crew, while churning out their daily comics, have grown from the infancy of their flash animations of yore to writing and directing weekly short animations. And despite losing one of their members, they continue to move from comedic strength to comedic bulimia-ridiculing, psychological disorder-deriding strength. Don’t worry, the original callous attitude of the Explosm machine and the rebellious emotion of a gang of sick weirdos is still palpable in their internet shorts. They’re like Robots with feelings.

Yes, like 50 shades of grey, their controversial spank-filled torture-fest has made the transition from literary to visual. And similarly, you probably won’t want to watch it with your reiki healer. Also, get rid of your reiki healer. C&H primarily use Rob’s character design, a drawing style that a sympathetic stickman would call “big boned”, and punchlines so deranged they’d happily tell an OAP their tumour is benign full in the knowledge that’s a lie – just for the laugh. And they’ve only gone and produced a web series called “The Cyanide & Happiness Show” too! The result of a rejected Comedy Central deal, a successful kickstarter and a merchandise store more random than that draw in your kitchen, the show features 10+ minute episodes made up of random, disjointed scenes. Some are longer, some shorter, some with recurring gags – think Louie but animated, and not going on about his kids so much. Powered by Lowbrow Studios, the animation force behind other internet goodies as the Dorkly Bits, 16-Bit High School and Sonic For Hire, C&H have managed to realise their sick jokes in just the right way. Whether or not it would have been compromised if brought to Comedy Central, who can say? We are talking about the network that put on South Park and gave Anthony Jeselnik a show. At least they’ve got a decent background artist now.
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