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Jacq the Stripper

Meet the work of Jacqueline Frances, better known as Jacq The Stripper. As you may have guessed, Jacq has one of those day jobs that most likely takes place at night. Through this job, that she performs proudly, Jacq comes across several unique people, scenarios and opinions that she has transformed into multiple amusing comic strips for our blessed viewing pleasure. The main theme of the drawings are challenging the societal shame around stripping; attacking the male psychology around it, the contradictory overlaps between the patriarchal and feminist view of stripping, a few choice quotes and some honest-to-God functional life hacks for the craft. With a bit of sexy, and a lot of sassy, Jacq the Stripper takes targeted shots at the taboo of stripping and the assumed disposition of women (and men) that do it. And she’s making some great points, some funny pictures, and published literature for your purchasing pleasure while doing it.

The Friend Zone

Practical* advice for when you want to leave your zone and get into theirs.

**Practical (n.): see “scatteredly depicted”.

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The Day The Earth Stopped Masturbating

Just a humourous short film trailer, centering around exactly what everyone thinks the French do all day.

What Nice Men Don’t Say

Working title: How to be british.


Nothing like the nuanced, provocative, steamy, romance-shunting, commitment-avoiding, verbally-binding post-date negotiations of new love.