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Jacq the Stripper

Meet the work of Jacqueline Frances, better known as Jacq The Stripper. As you may have guessed, Jacq has one of those day jobs that most likely takes place at night. Through this job, that she performs proudly, Jacq comes across several unique people, scenarios and opinions that she has transformed into multiple amusing comic strips for our blessed viewing pleasure. The main theme of the drawings are challenging the societal shame around stripping; attacking the male psychology around it, the contradictory overlaps between the patriarchal and feminist view of stripping, a few choice quotes and some honest-to-God functional life hacks for the craft. With a bit of sexy, and a lot of sassy, Jacq the Stripper takes targeted shots at the taboo of stripping and the assumed disposition of women (and men) that do it. And she’s making some great points, some funny pictures, and published literature for your purchasing pleasure while doing it.


Racing For Rupees

It turns out “hero of time” doesn’t inspire as much confidence on a bank loan application form as you might think.

My YouTube: Extra Credits


In theory, it’d be a fairly safe assumption to think a youtube channel which was essentially a think tank for video game developers would be a pretty boring affair. It would be just as crazy an idea to entertain as tv shows about women in government or a 3 hour movie about the diplomatic acquiring of goods. Oh wait? Bam! Bam! And BAM! If you ever feel like a brief introduction & education in the more involved areas of the video game industry the modern entertainment industry Extra Credits is the channel (and internet retailer) for you. They examine the nuance and patterns in the industry as well as it’s effects on business and consumer, all in easy to understand english with charming pictorial clues, so even little Jessie can understand why the media industry are conspiring to rob her blind in exchange for a half-complete game with a 4 minute playtime. It’s inspiring stuff.

In many ways the guys behind Extra Credits are like the Super Mario Bros rock remix that features at the beginning of some many of their episodes. A new take on seemingly perfected formulas. Every week James, the writer, and Dan, the disembodied voice, put out a new episode analyzing the problems of the industry and offering potential solutions with wit, insight and again, disembodied voices attached to weirdly coloured cuboids. Using the principles of gamification, consumer behaviour and some lateral thinking these guys could probably add incentive to breakfast time by making you believe there was a power up at the end. Heck, they even suggest every schoolboy’s dream that class should play more like an MMORPG. Whether in an alternate reality the World of Warcraft geeks that hold all the cards turn out to be more tyrannical than their jock counterparts, we’ll never know, but it’s nice to think about. And with multiple playlists under their banner like Extra Remix, Design Club and new series Extra History there’s a bunch of content to suggest to your local councilman. Now if only they could work out a video game centric infrastructural justification for a Veep/Parks & Recreation crossover episode, we’d all be happy.
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20 Things I Should Have Known at 20

By Julien Smith, original posted on


1. The world is trying to keep you stupid. From bank fees to interest rates to miracle diets,people who are not educated are easier to get money from and easier to lead. Educate yourself as much as possible for wealth, independence, and happiness.

2. Do not have faith in institutions to educate you. By the time they build the curriculum, it’s likely that the system is outdated– sometimes utterly broken. You both learn and get respect from people worth getting it from by leading and doing, not by following.

3. Read as much as you can. Learn to speed read with high retention.Emerson Spartz taught me this while I was at a Summit Series event. If he reads 2-3 books a week, you can read one.

4. Connect with everyone, all the time. Be genuine about it. Learn to find something you like in each person, and then speak to that thing.

5. Don’t waste time being shy. Shyness is the belief that your emotions should be the arbitrators of your decision making process when the opposite is actually true.

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Free to Play

Remember kids, happiness lies at the bottom of mummy’s purse.