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My YouTube: The Game Theorists

What if the Legend of Zelda contained a weapon with speed 10x faster than the world’s fastest rollercoaster and force 20x greater than earth’s gravity? Could dressing up in a red bikini win you a fighting game tournament? What’s up with that gap in an Energy Sword in Halo?

Hello internet, and welcome to a channel that wonderfully combines economic and scientific hypotheses, with enough moving images to keep a hyperactive toddler adequately entertained. Have you ever found yourself wondering if there could be any realistic grounding behind your favourite video games, only to realise there is almost nothing less depressing than spending a friday night researching if it’s possible to do a double jump? If so, do I have the youtube channel for you. Introducing Matthew “MatPat” Patrick, a charming man with 2 first names for an identifier and head of Game Theory. Each video he proposes a theorical idea around a video game character or aspect, and then logically explores the scientific possibility of the notion. A doctorate in deductive reasoning isn’t essential…but it may help.

But, if over-analysis to the point of a diagnosable neurosis isn’t your thing, The Game Theorists have a lots of other strands of fun gaming-based content, with a few more friendly faces to keep you happily entertained. Gaijin Goombah presents Culture Shock, a series exploring detailed japanese culture hidden throughout video games. I’m sure for every thousand views, one more american books a flight to Japan that they exclusively refer to as “returning home”. Trailer Drake also helms Smash History, a series giving a deeper insight to the origins of Super Smash Bros. various attacks and stages. It’s like a Nintendo history lesson but you don’t have to buy £50 worth of NES eShop games to get it.

In addition they also have the other channels, The Film Theorists for theories within movies and GTLive for their recorded gameplay streams. MatPat once ordered a pizza through an iPhone in Minecraft and then he and his wife, Stephanie, invited the pizza girl inside to join them. Sadly the similarities to the world’s greatest porn script ended there. And soon he’ll have a new Youtube Red series Game Lab, which brings video games to life and chucks in a full 360 experience for you as well.

Whew. That’s a wide array of stuff to get through. Amazingly, they all hold up individually, but also work as an overall unit. It’s slightly reminiscent of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Could interconnected youtube channels and playlists be like undercover Marvel movies? What if youtube videos and networks linking content back and forth to one and other, is like the new (or old) expanded universe? Hey, that’s just My YouTube theory. Thanks for reading.

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