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Charlie’s Dream

This is straight from Season 9 Episode 3 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And our hearts.



Where the world of theatre, CGI and your annoying cousin’s carpentry course that he wouldn’t stop going on about, collides!

Game of Hyrule

Remember Megasteakman’s Game of Thrones X Legend of Zelda title sequence? Well he has just stolen the sacred stones and usurped his own throne with this well shot, well thought out expanded crossover. Praise the old gods, and the golden goddesses.

What Nice Men Don’t Say

Working title: How to be british.

Kaizo Trap

Kaizo Trap is like a classic novel. An entertaining quest of a protagonist strife against the odds to eventually win the prize they’ve been fighting for. But, underneath the adventure, there’s a deeper message to be grasped, which you as the audience need to work for. If it’s not Animal Farm’s commentary on the class system or Pride & Prejudice analysis of the role of women in society…then it’s that this video apparently has 5 additional endings and I can’t find one of them!