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Optimistic Nihilism

From the right hemisphere of the “What Are You? You Are Two.” collaboration comes a video detailing their outlook on an individual’s goals within the context of the entirety of the universe. Heads up, it’s the most depressing and life-affirming message you will hear this week.

Say It With Your Chest

An animated retelling of his mother’s funeral, featuring Kevin Hart somehow even smaller than he actually is. Although it still doesn’t beat ‘The Secret Life of Pets’.

What Nice Men Don’t Say

Working title: How to be british.

NYC Gifathon

James Curran made 30 animated GIFs inspired by the 30 days he spent in New York City. How is that idea you had to move there and open an independent coffee shop going by the way?

Devils, Angels & Dating

The female lead is beautiful. Drop dead gorgeous, some might say.