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My YouTube: sWooZie


Don’t you just love it when you find a person you just identify with on almost every level. Someone with the right amounts of sophistication, experience and general awesomeness to parallel your own infinite reserviors of cool-osity. Ladies and gentleman, look no further…than my twitter feed…it’s just there to the right.

Introducing the coolest black kid around since Vince off Recess, Adande Thorne; otherwise known as sWooZie. Sporting the weirdest choice of capitalization since ScHoolboy Q, sWooZie’s youtube channel contains quirky anecdotes, Cyanide & Happiness cartoons and more anime references than a reddit thread. Bordering somewhere between self-help and bragging that you touched a boob, sWooZie has made a series of motivational memoirs and social life hacks for the unheard voice of the anxious adolescent (provided you don’t go to 9Gag, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, Facebook or indeed the internet). And damn doesn’t he sound cool doing it. Like, seriously. If the life and times of every teenager were this cool and confident, Michael Cera’s career would be over.

On the face of it, sWooZie’s videos are just normal, everyday occurences. But once that face takes off it’s Fresh Prince of Bel Air tinted sunglasses, you’ll be able to see the subversive, modernist, hyper-monologue of the media-engorged iGeneration. Plus, it’s got a pretty slick beat added on! So click the pic, and have a flick! If you don’t, I’ll kamehamehame off your…face. ‘Cause imma thug!

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Every 7 Seconds

The urge to include any less than savoury images must have been bigger than a pair of Double Ds

The urge to include any less than savoury images must have been bigger than a pair of Double Ds

It’s like 24 only if Jack Bower were stroking a constant semi.

Awkward Handshake: The Game

After 2 and a half years, finally a game suited for Xbox Kinect.