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Why we use numbers

Watch this video to finally understand how something called “Positional Notation”, screwed up your grade point average.


If Google Was A Guy

College Humor’s “If Google Was A Guy” series really captures the inane randomness of the general public, with the absolute nonsense of all the worlds information being available in a filing cabinet system like that scene from Bruce Almighty.

If The Wedding Industry Was Honest

If you’ve ever seen CollegeHumor’s ‘Adam Ruins everything‘ videos (and subsequent tv series), you’ll get the jist of Cracked’s Honest Ads pretty fast. I’m not saying don’t watch it, just if you were tired of having your soul crushed in regular, it now comes in geriatric.

Marvel Universe Infographics

Dorkly have assembled another list of useful infographics this time looking at Marvel characters. If you think domestic struggle in the middle east, political upheaval in Egypt and financial crisis in Greece is complicated, you should see the Marvel relationships chart. Now that’s complicated.

My YouTube: Mental Floss


First things first, you may be wondering whose face that is gracing the “My Youtube” thumbnail slot at the moment. No, it’s not the asian guy from the Big Bang Theory, it’s Kumail Nanjiani. Why he is there though is a little harder to answer. As far as I can tell, he was on the cover of the magazine once. But suddenly, look! We’ve all learned 2 new things. And it’s that kind of quick fire learning blast that the youtube channel behind our non-10 season sitcom starring comedian friend, does multiple times a week. This is mental_floss on YouTube.

As well as being a US magazine, Mental Floss’ youtube channel exists with the decided purpose of adding to the collective pool of general knowledge. It’s a smart show that isn’t embarassed to let the world know it, but it doesn’t talk at you like a condescending mother-in-law, but engages you like a quirky know-it-all cousin. Its subject coverage is impressive and its backlog is far-reaching and relentless. The main website is to the Discovery Channel, is what BuzzFeed is to TMZ. And the funniest thing about that is, the exact same jokes work for the Vsauce channels and now I can’t use them again.

There are 3 different strands to Mental Floss; ‘Big Questions’, ‘Misconceptions’ and ‘the List Show’, presented by Craig “WheezyWaiter” Benzine, Elliott “The Morgasm” Morgan and John “The Fault in our Stars” Green respectively. I don’t know about you, but I like a list probably a bit more than the next guy. Even though there’s nothing less sexy than irregular numbering patterns, if it’s produced by the mind behind Paper Towns, his brother as well as some other fine people, I think it can be forgiven. I mean this the closest thing we’ll get to Stephen Fry and the QI Elves running a youtube channel that isn’t just TV excerpts. Although both names make good titles for indie folk bands.

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