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Dragonball Z: Light of Hope

RobotUnderdog2 have made something more faithful to the original material and more expertly executed visually than a certain feature film that I care not to mention. Don’t count your senzu beans they’ll be released any time soon, but based on the trailer we can be quietly confident episodes 2 & 3 will be an evolution on the first.

Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like PARODY

This video breaks down and rebuilds the enigma of Bruno Mars’ multi-ethnicity fanbase, not to mention the relationship between a performer and his animator.

Grade School Dance Battle

The sequel will be like if High School Musical met 8 Mile.

Darth Vader vs Buzz Lightyear

Nukazooka, at it again with the most one-sided space battle since I brought out my level 100 Rayquaza to take on a Clefairy.

Captain America: Civil War [Deleted Scene]

It’s the crossover of red underoos, we were all dead certain would happen one day. One day…