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Dragonball Z: Light of Hope

RobotUnderdog2 have made something more faithful to the original material and more expertly executed visually than a certain feature film that I care not to mention. Don’t count your senzu beans they’ll be released any time soon, but based on the trailer we can be quietly confident episodes 2 & 3 will be an evolution on the first.


2D Games in the Real World

I don’t know if you remember Chun-Li Is Jealous…well, now you probably do.

Gohan’s Fury (DBZ Stop Motion)

Who knew the fate of the world would be decided on someone’s kitchen floor.

Dragonball Z Vs Superheroes

You’ve seen the Death Battle, the rap battle, and more than a decade’s worth of fanart, but let’s face it. We’ll never stop wanting to see who’d win in a fight between Goku & Superman.

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Heat vs Repulsion

Have you ever wondered what it’d look like if the AOL Instant Messenger guy’s extended family had an argument on Planet Namek while j-pop music played wistfully in the background? Yes? Watch this then see a psychiatrist.