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Father & Sons’ Design Workshop

Dorkly have found an artist/illustrator able to do something all dads try to do with their children a few times in their lives, validate their imagination. The Father & Sons’ Design Workshop is a project where Thomas Romain (Father) makes incredible anime-ified works of character art from his sons (& Sons’). It would be unwise to go through this life without seeing a mess of felt-tip and tube bodies get somehow transformed into Gundam Peter Quill. So check out the Twitter and Patreon for regular updates on the drawings. Every time you click, one of his boys gains the courage to colour outside the lines.

Style Memes

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That must make Style Memes (the art of depicting a singular character in several different art styles and interpretations) an artistic circle jerk.

Inbred Yoshi

It's a tough life

Sometimes the thing that hatches from a yoshi egg may turn out a little scrambled…

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Marvel Universe Infographics

Dorkly have assembled another list of useful infographics this time looking at Marvel characters. If you think domestic struggle in the middle east, political upheaval in Egypt and financial crisis in Greece is complicated, you should see the Marvel relationships chart. Now that’s complicated.