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Some might say that the Disney stories of our youth are old tales that belong in the past. Well graphic designer and illustrator,
Tom Ward, has created a series of images to show the world exactly why…it may be a good thing if they weren’t brought up to date.


The Disney Force Awakens

And not one appearance from the egotistical, headstrong cool guy who’d always shoot first and ask questions later. Gaston.

Real Life Disney

Do you remember watching Disney films as a child, being taken away to magical worlds to join in adventures as if they were real life? Well Finnish artist and designer Jirka Väätäinen has taken one step closer to that dream for all of us with these excellent realistic portraits of Disney princesses and princes. Fan art has never been so distinguished.

Videogame Characters as Disney Characters

Dorkly have collected an assortment of artwork taking various video game characters, and putting them in various out of context disney poses. Accusations of a borderline obsession with Disney mashups may or may not have founding.

Racebent Disney Princesses

Have you ever perhaps wondered what the Disney world would be like if Princess Kida was from…well somewhere else than wherever Atlantis is supposed to be? Well you won’t find that, but you will see a few other cool Disney Princesses.