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If Smash Bros Fought For Real

Sometimes you can do more damage with scathing comments than smash attacks.

The Problem With Smash Bros.

Women and children first! be sent to oblivion of course.

Women and children first! …to be sent to oblivion of course.

Best Pokemon

It’s getting harder to find a passion for squirtle combined with the reasoning of a youtube comments section.

Yay or Nay

Enter here for the parliament of internet.

Enter here for the parliament of internet.

College Humor’s Yay or Nay series asks the big questions to its intrepid staff of writers and filmmakers, gathering a collective of the most informed, enlightening and civilised debate known. And they only compare sexual intercourse to ordering a Filet mignon once!

“Do I Have To Say It Again?”

The Elder Woman & a 3DS, 2 of your 5 a day

So I was on the train once and to my left across the aisle from me was a mother and her son. The greying woman was perhaps around the 50s while the boy couldn’t have been any older than 7. The particular aspect of this train-travelling family which made me notice them was that the mother was playing a Nintendo 3DS. Yes. Not the 5-6 year old boy, but his ageing, tweed-jacket-wearing mother. Immediately I was filled with a sense of jovial levity, the sort of emotion you get when you’re starving and you see a pack of donuts in the cupboard and life becomes worth living again. It was the type of hope and joy that I’d almost use as a motivating force to power the rest of my day. Little did I know, the following conversation would power me for the rest of the year.
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