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Father & Sons’ Design Workshop

Dorkly have found an artist/illustrator able to do something all dads try to do with their children a few times in their lives, validate their imagination. The Father & Sons’ Design Workshop is a project where Thomas Romain (Father) makes incredible anime-ified works of character art from his sons (& Sons’). It would be unwise to go through this life without seeing a mess of felt-tip and tube bodies get somehow transformed into Gundam Peter Quill. So check out the Twitter and Patreon for regular updates on the drawings. Every time you click, one of his boys gains the courage to colour outside the lines.

Pokémon Generations [Full Series]

Further to the previous post, watch the playlist above to enjoy the full series of Pokémon Generations. Or as I like to call it, ‘The Adventures of Looker and Friends’.

Pokémon Generations

Pokémon has kicked off their youtube series which gives a visual retelling, a la Pokémon Origins style, of several stories from the video games. Pokémon, like many other 20 years olds, is still big into anime.

Click here to watch Episode 2!


These pics are sic

Lisa-Marie Melin has an instagram, @littlegeekyfanart, which she has filled with watercolour artwork of your favourite video game and anime characters. It’s like if all the artists of your favourite childhood memories went to Woodstock, this would be psychedelic, ultra-cool, epilepsy-worrying result. If you thought Nintendo utilized a colourful palette before, you haven’t seen anything yet. Click the picture and scroll through the wonder that is @littlegeekyfanart‘s instagram, there’s not a single unwarranted snapshot of a lunchtime sushi to be seen for miles. And in case you’re interested, she also has an Etsy page where you can buy her prints.


If you haven’t heard of Rooster Teeth‘s awesome anime-style series then may I express my privilige in introducing this artistic, action-charged masterpiece into the social event bucket you call a life. Created by Monty Oum (a name plastered so many times over the project, fansubbers have his name saved to dictionary), RWBY follows Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna & Yang Xiao Long and their adventures through Beacon Academy, an elite fighting school for swordfighters, brawlers, gunners and those of a badass disposition in general. Also, it comes from the creative talent that produced Dead Fantasy and Haloid, so if you’ve seen those, you know the hard hitting combos, high power fight sequences and inner child weeping action you can expect. And I haven’t even begun to mention the thrilling danger of the world it’s set in, the quirky and individual personalities of the protagonists, the genuinely great comedy in every episode and just how damn hard it is to have something with 4 heroines be good. It’s a treat to behold and an adrenaline shot to the eyes.
With Series 2 launching online today Click Here to catch up on Series 1 of the coolest thing you’ve ever seen since that time you googled Dragonball Z fanart, by Monty Oum