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Super Mario Maker In Real Life

Welcome to a world where everything wants to kill you to atmospheric dubstep.

Wondering where you’ve seen that Jigglypuff before?


Infinite Fun

Mario’s going to need more than a 1-up mushroom to make it through this challenge.

Super Mario Rocket League

There’s a beauty in taking the citizens of the mushroom kingdom, and the beautiful game, and creating something that somehow has even less rules than Mario Smash Football.

Super Mario Kart… with 101 players!

Lag free, running at a smooth 60 fps. Your move, current gen consoles.

Not So Super Mario

So most storage units (aka question blocks) are suspended several feet in the air and the average entry/warp pipe is several feet high but the average height of the general population of Toads, Goombas and Koopa Troopas are about 2 feet tall. And disability access is only being questioned now?