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The Mama Luigi Project

Over 200 animators came together to construct multiple threads of a tapestry, retelling the epic tale of how one intrepid plumber still wasn’t good enough to save the day. He may as well have been playing with his choo-choo.

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Super Mario Run…PARKOUR!

devinsupertramp jumped over leaps and hurdles to make this video happen.

Super Mario Maker In Real Life

Welcome to a world where everything wants to kill you to atmospheric dubstep.

Wondering where you’ve seen that Jigglypuff before?

Infinite Fun

Mario’s going to need more than a 1-up mushroom to make it through this challenge.

Super Mario Rocket League

There’s a beauty in taking the citizens of the mushroom kingdom, and the beautiful game, and creating something that somehow has even less rules than Mario Smash Football.