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My YouTube: Action Movie Kid


Sometimes, your dad can be pretty cool. Your dad can also be a bit of a hard ass. In fact, your dad can be anything between 1 and 6 things. That kid’s dad however, is one thing. Creator of fantasies.

A former Dreamworks animator, Hashi (i.e. ActionMovieDad), has recreated the extraordinary imagination of his son’s playtime into a series of awesomely funny videos, gaining internet fame and subscribers along the way. While it’s not quite dropping yourself into your very own episode of Dragonball Z, it is undeniably impressive. And the showbiz front to this double act, referred to only as ‘buddy’, gets to have a whale of a time with toys, costumes and house furniture all before watching video evidence showing he really did nuke the hallway. Whether Dad is encouraging a 3 year old’s imagination or propagating delusions towards future therapy is neither here nor there. What’s important is when that AMK merchandise is released, just how much Lego will our little buddy get.


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