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My YouTube: Yotam Perel


Once in a sailor moon the internet produces a pure talent. A being who puts the ‘range’ in ‘strange’, the ‘voice’ in ‘unconventional’ (might have to rearrange for that one) and the ‘weird’ in ‘what a freakin’ weirdo’. A star with the comic timing, conviction of self and clinical insanity needed to make it to the top of Youtube subscriber lists across the globe. We’re talking subscriber numbers achieved by Harry Partridge, Egoraptor and TomSka. Just ignore the fact that their hard work is completely dwarfed in popularity by David Guetta.

Regardless, it’s my esteemed honor to introduce to you the future no. 5 on the internet ‘weird crush’ list. A man with the appearance and disposition of an anxious sitcom writer in a jewfro. A dude with a voice more sexually repressed than Michael Cera (I mean you’d think that’d make him even a little hesitant to voice 99% of his parts). Ladies and Gentlemen, Yotam Perel.


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