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My YouTube: Really3D


In a world with a global population 7 billion strong & growing, most storytelling ideas & forms invented & grown tedious and the internet zapping trillions of bytes of information to anybody in the blink of an eye, once in a while, we all just need a shake-up.

Here to wave a red matte at the Goliath bull of Hollywood, Really3D pushes the boundaries of the conventional to deliver a product the most insightful in its brazenness since QWOP. An arthouse testament to the growing possibility of the “indie project”; a term which if used 20 years ago would sooner describe charity work in Mumbai than the deconstruction of established cinema as we know it. The age were anyone’s vision can be achieved without previously perceived core requirements like big budgets, man power or technical skill is here.

Yet, despite the clear statement of the lampoon being made, it’s the honesty of the craft that shines through. Everything from the curiously better animated subscribe button to the earnest “Help my channel grow” at the end of every video. Is the plea for support? Tuition? Growth supplements? The enigmatic “Really3D” doesn’t reveal. All we know is his continued parody of the blockbuster market machine will stand as a candle on the dancefloor of mainstream entertainment. Ever burning among a parade of young adults drunk on the orthodox. Better, more polished executions can move on, we’ll stay warped warm over here thanks.


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