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My YouTube: Stan Lee’s World of Heroes

MYT-StanLeeWOHFrom the moons of Zenn-La to the undercurrent of the Brotherhood, Stan Lee has brought together the craziest ideas from the recycle bin of geekery and slammed them onto youtube for your viewing triumph. If you wanted to see Daenerys Targaryen play a grand piano, you’ve got it. Wolverine express his undying need to be on Kelly Ripa? It’s there. Thor & Captain America having a bad day? Well, actually, no…BUT HOW ABOUT THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE FANTASTIC FOUR, IRON MAN, THE X-MEN, DEADPOOL & SPIDERMAN HAVING A BAD DAY!? THERE. YOU. GO. Pure, unadulterated content, blasting content straight at you like an ancient laser beacon into the belly of an anti-dimensional space army – which, by the way, if it weren’t the major plot point of one of the biggest blockbusters of all time, would probably be World of Heroes introduction video.


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