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My YouTube: Youtube Reacts

Youtube Reacts
There are 2 places where a rap video appreciating the gelatinous nature of a woman’s behind can produce a debate pitting Hitler vs. religion. One such place could be the guest feature article in the ‘Holocaust, Holiness & Hip-Hop‘ bi-monthly. The other is a youtube comments section. But though despite the handicap of being entirely fictitious, the former is arguably more influential than the latter. But where else could you find the misguided, disconnected and terribly punctuated comedy so readily available after just a few scrolls. User shesellssheshells has just what you need. The “Youtube Reacts” series is essentially using youtube, to poke fun at youtube. Arguably the most meta and insulting idea in social networking since Myspace Tom joined Facebook. Seemingly inbred opinions are complimented wonderfully by the variety of eloquent and aurally inhuman users ready to show just why GTA5 is against God, the American freedom of expression…and Nazis.

Ed.: And now if you’re reading this after the youtube comments moderation overhull, most of that description will appear grossly overexaggerated.


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