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My YouTube: Cinema Sins

Everything Wrong With...
The internet has proved an amazing recourse for those too unpersonable or untalented to actually get real jobs in our their desired fields. For people like us them, starting your very own blog video series is simple and easy, allowing anyone (definitely not me) to bash the work of the successful without a care in my world. Where a great sense of dedication meets endearing hypocrisy, CinemaSins’ “Everything wrong with…” series critiques the biggest blockbusters of today, pointing out all the crimes that we’re really thinking. Ofcourse they have to believe that’s what we’re thinking or else serious reflections of a “life-wasted” nature would take place. And if that were to happen they might be able to deicde which of their own sins is bigger. Believing somewhere deep down they could systematically destroy Hollywood through snide youtube commentary? Or how none of their videos contain a lap dance.


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