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My YouTube: …Does A Thing

Greetings! And welcome to a new strand of The Compulsive Squire called My Youtube! Sometimes a funny video is funny. Sometimes it’s preceeded or succeeded by another funny video. Sometimes that user’s entire goddamn channel is so goshdarnit funny, they deserve to be shared in their entirity. My Youtube, is where I whip out awesome Youtube channels right on your face, spunking content at your screens until your sightballs cry with slimy goodness. All you’ve got to do is click the pics and enjoy the flicks. And our first joygasm facial comes from ‘Does A Thing’ Because sometimes video game characters do things. And sometimes writer/animator duos like Psyguy & CrikeyDave need to show us what happens when they do. And sometimes, just sometimes, I use the same “sometimes”-repetition joke just enough times for it to stop being funny.


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