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Best of Youtube Comedy Week

What do you get when you mix a bunch of sardonic sketches, sexually frustrated music videos and more motion graphics than a J. J. Abrams movie? The most comprehensive network of online humour categorically designed to highlight make you feel ok about all your insecurities. Yes, the Youtube Comedy Week has come and gone. Like an angry Chris Brown in a bumpy limo ride, YCW was a little hit and miss. If the comments on the daily rundown are to be believed (and who doesn’t form their opinions and morals based on a youtube comments section), the entire week has been a shit attempt at telling people youtube has been around for 8 years but still has the average joe’s best interest at heart using average joe’s which (through talent or ownership or a camera) have reached arguably the least-threatening form of celebrity status available. I look at it for what it really is, the world’s best attempt at making spitting in people’s faces culturally acceptable. Here’s the best of Youtube Comedy Week.

Guitar Warfare

An awesome collaboration between Freddie “FreddieW” Wong and Thomas “TomSka” Ridgewell fused with all the rocky coolness and no-nonsense bloodlust of Scott Pilgrim.

Youtube in Medieval Times

One of just a couple ‘Youtube through the ages’ videos (Check out Above Average‘s and The Gregory Brothers videos, dems some good watching). This video shows between beheadings and the bubonic plague, life wasn’t all that hard in the 13th century.

Ideas Men

Damien Slash brings his impression, comical and satircal talents to youtube, inventing a character that looks almost exactly like himself. Watch the self-professed men responsible for the X-BOX ONE launch, design, concept and execution, the Ideas Men brilliantly solve some of the toughest social entertainment issues currently facing mankind.

Semi On The Dance Floor

The comedian/rapper behind such unrated, would-be hits as My Proper Tea and Equality Street does it again with a Guess Who of youtube stars suffering a problem afflicting literally 5s and 6s of people in the world at any one time.

Nuclear Family

An OfficialComedy series showcasing the best sides of domestic fine dining, showing all that family dinners more-often-than-not may end up like christmas at Ariel Castro’s.

Special Mention:

Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend

Technically not uploaded during the comedy week, but referenced as part of the Top Sketch Moments, Fat Awesome films debate an age old issue that’s plaguing modern society. Who is better? Cats or dogs? How do you handle that? Something that splits the masses and reveals the domestic turmoil of the western world’s human condition? Through outrageously exaggerated and non-existant circumstances of course.

Drive-Thru Zombie Headless Prank

A video that has highlighted to me, the sublime beauty palpable in the ratio between sudden horror across a drive-thru attendants face and the speed at which they close the window.

Convos With My 2 Year Old

No-one should get credit for “realising” that the uneducated, candid speech of a child re-routed through a deadly serious adult male is always comedy gold. That being said, give these people a cookie!


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