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Zero Punctuation

The most amount of visual information you're likely to see on screen at any one time.

The most visual information you’re likely to see on screen at any one time.

Sometimes when video games commit more cardinal sins than a security guard unconcerned with the ages of the One Direction concert attendees he’s inviting back to his trailer, someone needs to speak out about it with less pauses than an F1 grand prix and this sentence combined. Enter the world of Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw and his video series, Zero Punctuation, a video game reviewing service dedicated to pointing out more technological wrong-doing than the entirety of internet after EA does a thing. While ZPs good points may include honest “I-thought-that-too” criticsm, scripts that fall gracefully between cynical and imaginatively cynical and decent, logical suggestions to improve the games that the developers really should have thought of themselves; he always has to end every rant with a tenuously linked comparison that has nothing to do anything before hand like an elderly spanish waiter holding 4 and a half tins of instant coffee for his fucking pet toaster.


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