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Legend Of Zelda HD

The E3 2011 Legend of Zelda tech demo showing off the Nintendo Wii U’s HD capabilities was awe-spiring and exciting. If you saw it (and if you’ve been following this blog, chances are you did), you were probably left feeling roused, desirous and wishing that a nearby open window was the explanation for your stiffened nipples. Well the idea of ‘Zelda HD’ seems to have struck a chord among fans and though there were no follow up mentions from Nintendo at E3 2012, that didn’t stop a couple of people making some announcements of their own. Although I’m unclear how devious the creators of these videos were trying to be, their lack of fear for the Nintendo Intellectual Property Protection legal team is incredibly transparent. With that enjoy some fan made (remember, not official) Zelda HD videos.

The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask [HD Remake]

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (very much the Dannii Minogue to Ocarina of Time’s Kylie) as always been left in it’s own dark, twisted shadow. While Ocarina of Time frequently leads top 10 and 100 lists, is widely considered the greatest game ever made, Majora’s Mask has potentially the biggest cult following known to video games. However, until Nintendo can pay their employers in ‘Cult Bucks’, the low continuous clamour for a remake will just have to be satisfied with this. Or buy the Ocarina of Time re-release on Nintendo 3DS and use your imagination.

The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Oracle [Wii U]

Toon Link is no-one to be forgetting about either. After going all Noah then Periander/George Stephenson on Hyrule, and taking a break to smash a few heads in Super Smash Bros. Brawl Toon Link deserves just as much acclaim as his realistic counterpart. Using the word ‘realistic’ in as loose a context as possible ofcourse.

The Legend of Zelda: Past & Present 2

Mainly because the compulsive obsessed voice inside me won’t shut up if I didn’t post 3 videos, but also because this story should be shared. The slightly sad tale youtube user ‘R-W@N’ who while working on a sequel to his Zelda 25th Anniversary homage had a mass compromise of data i.e. total deletion. So he salvaged and uploaded what he could and though the animation may be slightly blotchy and the sound not levelled out fantastically, it looks amazing and in my opinion, is the best work he’s done. I wish him all the best.


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