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What do you get if you crossed an ancient Roman gladiator with a youtube video about kittens? Nothing. How is someone from 100BC supposed to get an internet connection, they’re from completely different time periods? You’re not an absolute moron, right? So anyway, Spartz Media is a fantastic network of websites all with the aim of giving idle hands the ‘next page’ button it deserves. The rate of updates are unbelievably frequent and they’ve been going to years; this means you’re going to be clicking the next button for longer than Spartacus has been a scary roman ghost. Think, the Cheezburger network, but not too oversaturated with low-level humour like using a spoon when you should’ve used a shovel. And uh- oh, after saying that looks like a fiery feline with cheeze on it is approaching my window. Well be sure to check out Taste of Awesome, Memestache, Unfriendable and the whole gang; I’ll be here enjoying the idea of potentially having removed up to a year of your life and served it over to our overlord, the internet. If I haven’t mysteriously disappeared to cat-related- GHHTDT;'”%&$SGN:%”&RGN’]#;XFGNZ!


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