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A Super Mario Summary

Small indie game developer and big time Swede, Johan Peitz entered the 23rd Ludum Dare 48 hour game development challenge with a homage to a certain Italian born moustached hero that (for painfully obvious legal reasons) he’s not allowed to visually recreate in anyway whatsoever…ignoring the enemy designs…boss’s (and presumably damsel-in-distress’s) colour scheme…and the use of the words “Super Mario” in the game’s title.

Johan has taken a unique concept, recreating the core elements from each level of the original Super Mario Bros. in one screen, and created a beautiful little challenge that, if you’re not left flooded with a giddy sense of nostalgia and a couple stained smudges on your space bar, you’ve probably tried to fill the 5 minutes between jumping off the swings and Power Rangers coming on and got confused at the lack of a tutorial… … … … …You’re too young is what I’m saying. Click the image for the game.


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