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April Fools 2012

And as the midnight chimes of April 2nd fades away, we can safely say that that time of year where your old trusted companion, Mr. The Internet, returns to their right, honourable, sneakily-double-charging-your-credit-card self and we can lay to rest the lies and childish acts of yesterday. Another April Fools Day has come and gone. So on this holiday of the joker, I enjoyed venturing through my usual haunts of the world wide web like a middle age man on his elven princess account, wandering around the taverns of Azeroth looking for a good time. Any shocking news, unexpected reveals or stunt in general I wanted to see and share. Well, only the really good ones.

Assassin’s Creed for Kinect

Most clearly and April Fool for the salient reason that the Kinect is nowhere near as 1-to-1 as that video would have us believe. Though I’m not entirely sure what the most awesome part of the idea is. The idea of it also on the Wii, or your 7 year old sister getting it confused for Dance Central.

Nintendo Dubstep Experience 3D really go above and beyond for their April Fools. As well as putting the effort into writing a full article, the full trailer is also there for your viewing pleasure. It’s so expert you’re almost lulled into ignoring the slight roughness around the edges if the date posted said anything other than “April 1”. Hell, my little sister may even stop playing “Assassin’s Creed Move”.

8-Bit Google Maps

And yes, that cornerstone of the internet, Google has gotten involved, although as well as a couple funny tricks, Google have also given a pretty gamer ejaculation-inducing treat. Google Maps 8-Bit trial version can be done by going to Google Maps and pressing the “Start you quest” button to the left. Alternatively, click here!


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