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Flintstones Theme Extended

Hey. Hey kid. Rememeber school? Boring right. Remember the school bell? There were a couple, weren’t there? Do you remember the school bell that meant it was the end of the day? That sound that meant you could pack your stuff up, run home and stick the telly on? Remember that sound? What about the sound of your favourite cartoons? The sound of your friends in the TV coming back to make you laugh and feel good about things. Remember? Remember it? How’d it feel? …
Wake up, you ignorant waste of space. You’re 26, still leaving at home, struggling to find a girl/boyfriend and reading this internally in a voice much more refined than the person typing it actually deserves. Here’s College Humor bringing around the harsh truthful light of the 21st century world on your childhood and mine. So what you waiting for? Click the picture already, loser.


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