The Compulsive Squire

Where Outstanding Humour Meets Desperate Boredom

Cyanide & Happiness


3 Americans and an Irish man walk into a bar. They order their drinks and commence a discussion about the continued success of their webcomic, the lucrative careers they’re carved themselves in comic writing and illustration and how much destruction could an invasion of ducks bring upon the human race. This may or may not be the origins of Cyanide & Happiness and the fellowship of the cyber cock-ring that are its authors Kris, Rob, Matt & Dave. These guys are shining beckons of incredible humour through the simplest of means (without implying in anyway that actual artistic talent has yet to be proved). Short of whipping it out, acquisition of laughter through a small medium like their snappy set-up/punchline is difficult to come by. And occasionally when the paradigms of the comic structure are broken themselves, extra hilarity ensues when the human mind realises the pre-conceived notion of what is and what isn’t, isn’t what was originally perceived. And they say “boobs” sometimes too.


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